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Video game news that reflects on the latest trends and cultural impacts brought on by gaming. From the perspective of a few guys who wish they had more time to play video games!


October 16, 2019

JAM 52: Joke’s On You

JayDimes is here to report that he LOVED the Joker movie. The two talk about his experience seeing the movie, as well as some fun video game news topics. They discuss how universities are beginning to explore degrees in the business of video games, what happens when crazy taxi meets Telltale, and movies that should be turned into video games. Alex also talks about his experience playing The Blair Witch game.


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October 2, 2019

JAM 51: Lite Drifts

Alex and JayDimes are back and minus Diddi since he's still competing on America's Next Top Podcaster!


They talk about news around Activision Blizzard's stock price, how a new search feature for PS5 may be on the way, and how Nintendo is handling drift issues with their Nintendo Switch Lite.


Alex also shares his thoughts on Uplay+ and Far Cry 5.





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Cross & JayDimes are back to celebrate 50 episodes of Joystick & Mouse! Diddi is still competing in America's Next Top Podcaster so he is focusing on that while the guys talk about celebrating Batman Day (and Alex's anniversary) and the news of Google competing with Apple Arcade.


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Alex and JayDimes are back this week minus Diddi, who is competing in America's Next Top Podcaster! Since they're talking about Nintendo Direct's latest event, they bring Bill, from RunJumpStomp, to share his expertise on the news from the event. They also talk about a striking new controversy around the PlayStation Dual Shock controller. Finally, Alex and JayDimes reminisce about their time playing Gears 5 together.


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Nintendo Direct: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8TVE44feo_I

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September 4, 2019

JAM 48: Gears for Days

Gears 5 is coming out this week and JayDimes can't wait! The guys also talk about some interesting new character customization features (or lack there of) in Cyberpunk. They also talk about their first response to the news that TellTale is being revived.


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August 28, 2019

JAM 47: WoW Classic Recap

The dudes do the show live again on Twitch (with some shenanigans included). They talk about how much fun WoW Classic has been, how Nintendo's new Astral Chain might be one of the best new franchises ever, and the plethora of amazing games coming out this fall. They also talk about how Microsoft's new subscription services might benefit streamers.






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The guys welcome Bridget Levi (The_Huku) to the conversation! Gamescom 2019 launched this week and had a loaded opening ceremony. They talk about their highlights from the opening ceremony and Bridget shares a game she's currently obsessed with.



Stories: The Path of Destinies: https://www.humblebundle.com/store/stories-the-path-of-destinies?partner=incastmedianetwork

Pair O Docs Podcast: http://pairodocspodcast.libsyn.com

Geek Responsibly: https://geekresponsibly.com


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The guys welcome Curley and KingKaz of Drunk Kids Gaming to join in on the conversation! They talk about the crazy amount of money that people are spending on retro games, how you can finally play as a woman manager in FIFA, and how Australia continues to ban things. They also talk Full Stream Ahead news around Microsoft's potential entry into the mobile gaming market. Curley also brings a game to review and gives it a full 10/10 rating! Join in on the fun!


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Check out Curley & KingKaz: http://dkgtv.com

Alex's Episode of dkgWELP: http://dkgtv.com/dkgwelp/index.php/2019/08/12/id-eat-it-for-a-bit/





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The guys are streaming live again on Twitch! Tune in live http://www.twitch.tv/alexalbisu


First up, they discuss the absurd amount of money that Ninja made on Twitch and his decision to leave for Mixer, then they talk about the exciting new expansion for No Man's Sky, and then the impending WoW Classic stress test starting on August 8th. Finally, they end with some Full Stream Ahead news about Google's cloud game developer platform.


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First of all, pardon some of the sound quality issues. We recorded a new episode live on Twitch over at twitch.tv/alexalbisu. It was a ton of fun having a live conversation and chat input. Stay tuned for when we record live next!


Shenanigans aside, the guys talked about Nintendo swapping out bad Joy Cons, the Fortnite World Cup, and micro transactions in Wolfenstein: Young Bloods. They also talk about what happens to your video games if Stadia fails.


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