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Video game news that reflects on the latest trends and cultural impacts brought on by gaming. From the perspective of a few guys who wish they had more time to play video games!


January 22, 2020

JAM 62: The Predictable Logo

We're going to talk about Pokemon Sword & Shield's DLC, which is slated for later this year, PlayStation 5 released their logo, and all the games are getting delayed. There is also some full stream ahead news coming from NVIDIA.

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January 8, 2020

JAM 61: Copycat Switch

Alienware is copying Nintendo's Switch! Also, Alex and JayDimes LOVE The Witcher on Netflix. Vince Zampella is making moves, and Diddi is about to buy a reallllllllly expensive monitor. Alex also talks about his major obsession with Elder Scrolls Online. Get all of this RIGHT NOW! On Joystick & Mouse.


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January 1, 2020

JAM 60: End of a Decade!

The guys get together to celebrate 60 episodes as well as talk about the biggest news stories from the past year. They also reflect on what their favorite game of the decade is and what they're looking forward to from the industry in the next decade.






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The Video Game Awards were on Friday and there's a lot to cover! First, we'll recap the winners of each of the awards, then we'll talk about some of the world premiere announcements, and finally, wrap up with our highlights from the show.





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Diddi is in a far off land known as "Canada" and streaming live with Alex and JayDimes. They talk about the latest round of nominations for the Video Game Awards, as well as their thoughts on Stadia. Alex & Diddi are both hands on with the product and provide some first hand reviews.


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November 20, 2019

JAM 56: Inside Xbox 2019 Recap

After Alex and Diddi's Blizzard geek out a couple of weeks ago, they give JayDimes some love and take a deep dive into the Inside Xbox announcements.


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