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This week Sony held a Playstation showcase and reminded us who has the best line-up of games and why that $500 console is worth every penny. Let's dive into what was announced and look at our favorites and maybe some other angles of these announcements that weren't readily apparent on this episode of Joystick and Mouse.

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The one and only Brian Ibbott - @Coverville

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Here's everything that was announced and shown at the Playstation showcase event.

We saw some real honest to goodness gameplay from the forthcoming God of War Ragnarok game and it was glorious. Behind the scenes though there was a change of directors. What did that mean for this game and what does a director for a game really do anyways? We'll take a look at that and maybe at some times where a director chage didn't work so much.

And in a surprise announcement Sony announced a new release from Rockstar games. Thats right folks were getting ... GTA5 on the playstation 5. Its OK, we were underwhelmed too.

Sony killed it this week. With the last several announcement events being pretty meh, (Nintendo anyone) Sony finally put on a show that made us truley excited about some new games that were coming out and once again showed us what THEIR marketing strategy is. Having the best line-up of games is pretty simple but hard to execute but somehow Sony keeps doing it.

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So a lot of us in the community were running around Aeternum chopping trees, killing wolves and any number of other tasks in the open beta for New World from Amazon Studios. Well this week it was announced that this new MMO would be available on Amazons cloud gaming service Luna. This got me thinking what does that mean for the game does it change our outlook for it?

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September 8, 2021

Chinese Stir-Fry

Get your woks out because we are going to stir up a couple of Chinese stories today. We'll offer that with side dishes of mashed no upgrades and steamed tutorial and end it all with big ol slice of 5G cloud gaming on this episode of Joystick and Mouse.

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Searanex -

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last week we told you about China's new law limiting minors to 3 hours per week of gaming but does that have unintended ramifications. Better yet will it help at all? This article gives another perspective on this new law and what it means for the Chinese gaming industry.

With that take on the China law in mind, should or could the western countries and companies do something similar?

Well the honeymoon is over for folks that are holding off and getting that PS5 and are still buy triple a titles for their PS4. Sony announced this week that Horizon: Forbidden West will be their last game that gives free upgrades to the new console version.

Every game starts with them. We've all seen them .. we all hate them. Yes of course I'm talking about game tutorials. Some times they are done well and some times not so much so what do we think of them. Are there any that we remember as being really bad or really good?

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Indian telco giant Airtel conducted a cloud gaming test last week that may show the future of the technology.

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September 1, 2021

Stop Humping Our Necks

It appears Blizzard goes full TMNT about the lawsuit ... (PSSST, Not that kind of Shredder) Pinky wonders what China is up to. Is it getting toxic in here or are we all just a little more salty now and what does cloud gaming hold for us on this episode of Joystick and Mouse.

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Rishi B - @rishibh

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Here's what you don't do when somebody sues you. You don't destroy the evidence and then deny that you destroyed the evidence. The state of California emended their lawsuit against Blizzard this week by saying that that is exactly what they did.

In this weeks example of lawmakers don't understand video games at all, If you live in China, and are under the age of 18, you can only play up to 3 hours  of video games a week.

Speaking of China, I'm pretty sure they are going full Brain on the video game industry and trying to take over the world. Well if they own it all maybe they can enforce that 3 hours a week thing.

I had an interaction this week that was less than pleasant. It got me thinking though and then this story crossed my feed so I decided to bring it up on the show. That question is: What is the most toxic game community.

On this show, we talk  lot about the future of cloud gaming and where it is going and wha that means for us as gamers. This story though presents a list of trends and futures for cloud gaming so you know we couldn't pass that up.

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So, you're looking for a job? Look no farther than a certain game development company in California. How do I know they are hiring. Ho, let me tell you about that, the latest stupid politician antics along with a couple of mostly wrong lists on this episode of Joystick and Mouse.

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theJEN - @thejensays

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The first domino topples in the fallout from Blizzardgate, but will it help? You can now light up your life while fighting the pandemic and who needs sweaty crowds, lots of traffic and broken vocal tapes to lip-sync to when you and 45 million of your closest friends can jump in the mosh pit together virtually. We talk about this, Favorite game art styles and the latest way Microsoft is taking over the world on this episode of Joystick and Mouse.

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Audie Norman - @OddlyNormalOne

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July 28, 2021

Page 14

Warning! This episode contains discussions concerning sexual abuse. 

There really was only one story this week in the video game world. The lawsuit filed by the state of California against Blizzard/Activision exposed the culture at the game development giant but maybe more importantly has started a conversation about the way women are treated in all corporations and even society at large. This week we have some very special guests (@Daniora and @WickedKitten13) to give their unique perspective and insights. We have the hard conversation about this uncomfortable topic on this episode of Joystick and Mouse.

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Amy - Daniora

Monica - @WickedKitten13

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July 22, 2021

Show Me The Money

Today on the show we answer these questions. Did we just get the Nintendo Switch killer? is it time for a new world? What are the game companies thinking and Where is cloud gaming going and is that the right destination? That's a lot of questions that need answered so lets get to it on this episode of Joystick and Mouse. (W/ Special Guest Bobby Frankenberger)

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Twitter - @GMFunkytown

Podcast - @allaroundsci (All Around Science Podcast)

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