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June 22, 2022

Come On Roku

It was an all Microsoft kind of week. From their little TV gem to the big presentation with Bethesda among others that just kept dropping bomb after bomb. We'll take a look at all the announcements and give our thoughts on what made us go wow, what we thought looked cool, what we are looking forward to and what we thought was just meh on this episode of Joystick and Mouse.

Show Notes

Maybe it's time for a TV upgrade. Microsoft announced this week that they entered into an agreement with Samsung that all 2022 smart TVs will have XBox Cloud Play built in. No external boxes. Just pair a controller with the TV (doesn't even have to be an XBox controller) and with XBox gmae pass of course, you can play any Microsoft game available in their cloud service.

"E3 might have taken 2022 off, but the show(s) must go on. Today’s big one is the annual Xbox showcase, which shares title billing with the one first-party studio that’s only released games on PS5 since getting acquired by Microsoft for the price of a presidential election.
Over the course of 95 minutes, Xbox teased a ton of games from across its oeuvre. Some were new. Others have been previously announced. And, of course, the Game Pass logo was literally everywhere. All told, the show was…a lot. let's dig in and talk about all the things"

Game Review

Diablo Immortal

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